GiftGloss Buddy Pack

$ 22.95

Buddy Pack

This set includes 2 rolls of GiftGloss, one in each size, accommodating a wide variety of gifting needs. The slide ‘n tie sleeve makes giftwrapping fast, easy and very unique. GiftGloss turns any item into a gift in minutes, even your homemade cookies & breads.

Product Description


* One 50' roll of 6” wide tubular GiftGloss – Made in China.

* One 50’ roll of 12” wide tubular GiftGloss – Made in China.

* 2 sheets "fooed by me" stickers.

Each roll wraps 15-20 items, 30+ per Buddy Pack.


Use the GiftGloss Dispenser for easy storing/dispensing/cutting, or simply cut what you need with scissors. 

Here are a few ideas on what will work in your 6” GG:

Gloves, CDs, wallets, notepads, glasses, votives, watches, tights, crayons, magnets, hair accessories, placemats, toiletries, jam jars, socks, golf clubs, garden tools, magazines, cash gifts, umbrellas… just to name a few.

Here are a few ideas on what will work in your 12” GG:

Towels, books, spirits, candle holders, toys, pet supplies, slippers, blankets, small pillows, folders, shirt boxes, picture frames, clocks, mirrors, cookie plates, puzzles, cupcakes, diapers, spa supplies, wall décor… and much more.

* For details on how to use GiftGloss, click Videos on the menu bar.

* For more ideas on mixing and matching, visit the Ideas.

* If you own a home-based business, learn more ways to use GiftGloss on our For Direct Sellers page.



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