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GiftGloss Kit

This unique patent-pending giftwrap system has everything you need to create fast, easy, attractive gifts for any occasion. The handy dandy dispenser stores, dispenses and cuts the revolutionary new wrapping material called GiftGloss.

Once you try it, you’ll never go back to traditional giftwrap!

Product Description

GiftGloss is a slide ‘n tie sleeve of clear wrapping material wound on a roll. This innovative way of wrapping allows you to cut exactly what you need. Simply slide your gift into the clear sleeve and tie the ends with your favorite trim for an edgy, glitzy new look in giftwrap!

The dispenser's flexible design accommodates either size of GiftGloss, 6" wide or 12" wide. It was designed to fit in a standard drawer for easy access and storage. Also included is our "Helping Hand" tool to temporarily hold your giftgloss while cutting your trims.


* One black dispenser (approx.14-3/4”l x 3-3/8”w x 2-1/4”h)  Made in USA.

* One 50' roll of 6” wide tubular GiftGloss – Made in China. 

* One 50’ roll of 12” wide tubular GiftGloss – Made in China.

* 2 sheets "fooed by me" stickers.

* One "Helping Hand" tool. (color will vary)

Each roll wraps 15-20 items, 30+ per GiftGloss Kit.

GiftGloss is food-safe.

Here are a few ideas on what will work in your 6” GG:

Gloves, CDs, wallets, notepads, glasses, votives, watches, tights, crayons, magnets, hair accessories, placemats, toiletries, jam jars, socks, golf clubs, garden tools, magazines, cash gifts, umbrellas… just to name a few.

Here are a few ideas on what will work in your 12” GG:

Towels, books, spirits, candle holders, toys, pet supplies, slippers, blankets, small pillows, folders, shirt boxes, picture frames, clocks, mirrors, cookie plates, puzzles, cupcakes, diapers, spa supplies, wall décor… and much more.

* For details on how to use GiftGloss, click Videos on the menu bar.

* For more ideas on mixing and matching, visit the Ideas.

* If you own a home-based business, learn more ways to use GiftGloss on our For Direct Sellers page.

* For additional tips on loading your dispenser watch this video clip.


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