6" GiftGloss Twin Pack

$ 19.95

6” Twin Pack

The 6” wide GiftGloss is perfect for small gifts and for creating garlands of multiple gifts. It can also be used as a “sash” around large items that do not fit into 6” or 12” GiftGloss.

Product Description


* Two 50' rolls of 6” wide tubular GiftGloss – Made in China.

* 2 sheets "foofed by me" stickers.

Each roll wraps 15-20 items, 30+ per Twin Pack.


Two rolls will fit in GiftGloss Dispenser for easy storing/dispensing/cutting, or simply cut what you need with scissors.

Here are a few common items that will fit in your 6” GG:

Scarves, DVDs, books, electronics, phones, cosmetic bags, stationary, wine, snacks, vases, candles, jewelry, toys, belts, lingerie, markers, gift cards, luggage tags, candy, napkins, t-shirts, lotions, perfume, golf balls… to name a few.

* For details on how to use GiftGloss, click Videos on the menu bar.

* For more ideas on mixing and matching, visit the Ideas.

* If you own a home-based business, learn more ways to use GiftGloss on our For Direct Sellers page.

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