12" GiftGloss Twin Pack

$ 24.99

12” Twin Pack

The 12” wide GiftGloss fits many common gift items (see below). Think of it as a slide ‘n tie sleeve that is on a roll, allowing you to cut off exactly what you need. Simply slide the gift into the clear sleeve, tie the ends and you’re ready for the celebration!

Product Description


* Two 50' rolls of 12” wide tubular GiftGloss – Made in China.

* 2 sheets "foofed by me" stickers.

Each roll wraps 15-20 items, 30+ per Twin Pack.


Use the GiftGloss Dispenser for easy storing/dispensing/cutting, or simply cut what you need with scissors.

Here are a few ideas on what will work in your 12” GG:

Clothes, cookbooks, purses, wine, laptops, bread loaves, electronics, china, vases, stuffed animals, pots & pans, small baskets, shoes, garden tools, pet toys, throws, linens, electronic games, board games… to get you started.

If you want to “hide” the gift, roll it first in tissue paper, Sunday funnies, fabric, recycled linens or a fun cloth napkin. Next, slide the gift into the GiftGloss for that final layer of shine. No two gifts will ever look alike!

* For details on how to use GiftGloss, click Videos on the menu bar.

* For more ideas on mixing and matching, visit the Ideas.

* If you own a home-based business, learn more ways to use GiftGloss on our For Direct Sellers page.






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